• Teeth Whitening

$138 only  while it costs $600 from the dentists

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No pain teeth whitening

30 minute treatment

2 to 7 shades whiter guaranteed


Successful stories?


How does it work?


Who can’t do teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening limitation?


Teeth whitening aftercare?




Successful Stories:

Client 1 got 11 shades whiter






Client 2 got 5 shades whiter

How Does it work?

We have a very high quality led lamp to activate the hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain on the teeth

Our special lamp has the exactly right amount of watts which let it just do the job without causing over-reaction which leads to pain

Our product contains 6% hydrogen peroxide which is the highest cosmetic amount for teeth whitening in this industry so we can guarantee 2 to 7 shades whiter for each session



Who can’t do teeth whitening?

Make sure you don’t have the conditions below
a consultation with a dentist is always recommended
–untreated tooth decay(filling is ok)
–receding gums
— exposed roots
— pregnancy
— Breast feeding
–photosensitive medication
–oral surgery
–Allergies :
Carbamide Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide


Teeth whitening limitation

It won’t work like it works on the real teeth if you have
–False Teeth
–ceramicor porcelain
crowns or veneers.(the shade of these won’t be chaned
but stains on them can still be removed)


Teeth Whitening Aftercare

You may notice you got some white streaks or spots afterwards which is totally normal, cause we may already got them generically. And teeth whitening just make them whiter and more noticeable.

They will blend in within 2 days.


We recommend the following tips to care for your teeth:

After whitening the pores or identical tubules are open and most susceptible to staining.
Wait at least 36-48 hours to consume food or beverages that may stain teeth, those
Include anything that may stain a white T-shirt (coffee, tea, red wine, berries, etc.)
Avoid tobacco as possible as you can
• Brush your teeth last
thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with Fluoride toothpaste.
• Cut down on how often you
have sugary foods and drinks.
• Visit your dentist
regularly, as often as they recommend.
• Whitening toothpastes are
available as well. They contain abrasives that remove stains on the enamel.
They do not actually change the overall color of your teeth.
after 24 hours can have another teeth whitening session